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We are responsible for our future happiness.

15th December 2010

We are responsible for our future happiness.

Many people miss this fact, this tiny yet complete and utter truth, we are all responsible for our futures and our own levels of happiness, only we can decide what are state of mind will be.

In today's World, if we are completely honest, people rely on finding 'the one' or some girl or boy they meet to provide them that happiness, which is a massive task for anyone to fulfil, and sadly, often cannot be achieved.

Tenzin Gyatso said it perfectly when he said " The main difference between us, Buddhism and other philosophies, is that we do not accept the notion of a living god, but rather that we are responsible for our future happiness."

I think as a human, if you stop relying on everyone else and concentrate on your own mind then you can truly be complete, you can gain that future you want for yourself, but if you take the easy way out and lay all your troubles and failures on someone else's door step then you are destined for a mind of ill direction.

I would say, every day, do not lie, do not seek excuses, do not pass blame, do not seek out someone to make you happy, only you have the power to make yourself happy, and thats not by material possessions or how people regard you but how you act in life, how you treat your fellow man, compassion, I believe is the key to happiness. But to gain compassion you must first rid your mind of any ill thought.

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